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Women, we love International Women's Day and get involved in projects to support, we do however need more than one day to remind ourselves that women deserve to be recognised for what we do and to look after ourselves so we feel our best. 

Each month we will be featuring  a different piece of the women's optimal wellness jigsaw and offers to get you started. For the month of April we will focusing on the menopause, a time of fundamental change which is little discussed and even less supported. See more here

Don't worry we will also be offering some treats for the men and children but just for now its all about you.
Yvonne Bishop-Weston

London Nutritionists

Personal Nutrition Services at London Clinics with Top UK Nutritionists

Optimum Nutritionists in London and Hampshire offer a range of nutrition services from top nutritionists in and around the  London area. We profile a number of nutritionists and nutrition companies working hard to increase awareness on achieving optimal health through better nutrition using the latest bio-chemical tests.

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For a personal nutrition consultation in London please use our contacts form, to find out more about our nutritionists please see London Nutritionists  Weight-loss - Skin - IBS and Digestion - Mood - Fertility - Tests

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Nutritionists in London and Nutrition Clinics

Corporate, B2B, performance enhancement training , Product PR and TV / Radio

For corporate enquiries and urgent journalist/media requests please contact: Foods for Life - Text 07944068432 (Best) / Tel 01590612891 or email clinic (at) with 'Urgent Press/ B2B Enquiry' in the subject line

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